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Neocatechumenal Way in Canada


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Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be always with you and may He bless you forever.

I have noticed in correspondence that I received in the site of the Neocatechumenal Way in Canada, many brothers and close friends of to Way are frequently asking for personal directions of people who live here in Canada and/or asking for all kind of information that goes from directions of lodgings, letters of invitation to travel to this country, directions of members of communities, contacts with seminarists, directions of organisms, and etc. I am sorry to let you know that I can not provide you with all that information.

We would like you to understand with clarity, that this is not a site to give immigration information, tourist information nor nothing of the sort. It is a site to let  to know to the world that Neocatechumenal Way exits in this country.  However, in the eventuality that you arrive here in Canada, and that you want to be in one Community because you do not want feel lost without the Word of God, be assured that we can direct you to the person in charge of the Communities and him or her, opportunely, indicates you, if it is the case, in which Community you could continue walking.

I hope you will take my comments into consideration and I thank you to visit the Site.

Peace be with you and your family,

Sincerely yours,

The WebMaster

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Hope in God, you will return to praise Him, because He is your salvation, He is your God. May God's will be in your life for Jesus's Glory our Lord who lives and reigns forever and ever.

May God's Love lives and reigns in your heart.